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Welcome to this month’s news and views from your favourite Realtor.

Time to buy

The big news continues to be low inventory of residential properties for sale in the entire Waterloo Region. At the end of April, inventory was about 20% low on a year to year basis in Cambridge. But sales were only 2% lower with 4.5% increase in total dollar value compared to the April last year. The KW board is reporting even lower inventory. What this means is that the market is about to favour sellers even more than before. With prices relatively stable than other markets in Southern Ontario, this is the time to buy in Waterloo Region. If supply stays as low as it has been this year so far, prices might climb higher than anyone is expecting. We were all expecting the inventory to grow by the end of last month due the popular spring season, but nothing significant has happened.

Sales activity, on the other hand, has increased which might be one reason the inventory is staying low: Properties are selling fast. While everyone is urging sellers to come forward and list to benefit from this situation, I think this is the best time to buy. Take advantage of the time we have until this market becomes a seller’s paradise not different than the GTA.

Confidence in the market

An Ontario Real Estate Association pole indicates that 50% of us believe that the real estate market in Southwestern Ontario is favourable toward home ownership. 36% see it getting stronger next year. These stats are better than before which shows that fewer of us are afraid of the “bubble burst”. I never believed in it.

Multiple Representation.

The Real Estate Council is stressing the need to disclose Multiple Representation. Don’t be afraid if your agent tells you that a Multiple Representation is about to occur and that they need you to sign an acknowledgement. This will not affect your rights! You will still get fair and honest service. All this means is that now the agent has to protect the other party as well from mistakes and omissions in the whole process. Multiple Representation will most likely surprise you when your agent submits your offer and finds that another member of their office is submitting for someone else. You are technically represented by the brokerage, and we are always required to let you know if you are in competition with another client of the brokerage. This is standard practice and does not mean you will not get a fair deal.