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Three Reasons You Need a Buyer's Agent

1. You get a dedicated professional working for you at no extra cost

2. You get access to the limitless data in the MLS system

3. You save all the time required for searching homes, booking showing appointments, and finding other professionals such as home inspectors and contractors.

Three Misconceptions About Home Buying

1. I don't need an agent, I will present the offer myself.

Fact: Since you will have neither the standard forms nor the expertise, the seller's agent will prepare your offer after they have signed you up as their own buyer client. Therefore, you will always end up hiring an agent!

2. I will get a better deal because the seller is saving if I don't bring an agent.

Fact: Either the seller's agent (most likely) or the seller will benefit depending on their arrangement. The buyer agent commission is already agreed upon at the listing stage and does not disappear if the buyer does not come with their own agent

3.I know everything about houses and the market.

Fact: Even the most knowledgeable and market savvy buyer cannot match the expertise of a professional who goes through many transactions on a regular basis. Also, it is impossible to have all the facts without access to the MLS historical data.

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Contact me for honest and dependable service. My knowledge and hard work will speak for themselves. Our first meeting will make me your Realtor of choice.

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